Welcome to Underground Roots

Underground Roots is a plant supplier located in Northwest Washington specializing in rare plants and plants of cultural, medicinal, and spiritual significance. Thank you for visiting us!

All plants are shipped in 3.5" pots unless otherwise described. Live plants are shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays only for the shortest possible delivery time. Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping from when your order is placed. If temperatures are a concern in your area we can have the post office hold your shipment for you to pick up, just contact us and ask. Many plants which have been out of stock will be available soon. Big thank you to our customers that keep us busy!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us at admin@undergroundroots.net.


*** Live Salvia divinorum plants will be back in stock in September. We are currently accepting a limited number of pre-orders for shipping Salvia divinorum plants only. Estimated shipping time is approximately 3-4 weeks. Salvia divinorum pre-orders are not available to ship with other species of plants at this time. Please only order if you don't mind the wait. We will notify customers when we ship but If there are specific weeks when you will not be able to receive your order we will be happy to delay shipment until you are ready. Thank you for your patience. ***




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