Vanilla Barbellata Live Plant

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Vanilla Barbellata Live Plant

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Vanilla barbellata is native to the West Indies and Florida. The latin name barbellata means “with a little beard” referring to the small bristles on the lip of the flower. Vanilla barbellata is also known as Wormvine Orchid or Small Bearded Vanilla. Stems of Vanilla barbellata vary in color from green to bronze, turning orange in full sun. The leaves of Vanilla barbellate are typically small, slender, and hooked at the tip. Smaller leaves may fall off leaving a leafless appearance. Vanilla barbellata flowers in early summer. The lip of the flower is 3-lobed, mostly white, with a reddish-purple edge. Vanilla orchids are epiphytic climbers that put out aerial roots to capture water and nutrients. Vanilla barbellata prefers humidity, indirect sunlight, and temperatures over 50 degrees. They require a substrate with excellent drainage and constant moisture. Customers in Hawaii must obtain an import permit from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture for orchid species. Please email a copy of your import permit to to accompany your shipment.