Artemisia Suksdorfii (Coastal Mugwort) Live Plant

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Artemisia Suksdorfii (Coastal Mugwort) Live Plant

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Artemisia suksdorfii is a species of sagebrush known by the common names coastal mugwort, coastal wormwood, and Suksdorf sagewort. It is native to coastal western North America from British Columbia to northern California. Artemisia Suksdorfii is a rhizomatous perennial herb producing many erect stems, Coastal mugwort has a history of traditional use as a smudge for purification and in ceremonies. It has a pleasant herbal fragrance and is useful as a bug repellent. It is reportedly useful as a medicinal oil or tea for relieving sore muscles, cramping, and as a sleep aid. Plants of the genus Artemisia have been used in folk medicine by many cultures since ancient times.These species have been used for analgesic, antibacterial, antipasmodic, and hemostatic agents. Historically, Artemisia has been a productive genus in the search for new biologically active compounds.